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What Big Box Retailers Don’t Want You To Know About Their Carpet Pricing

Are Their Prices Really Lower Than The Local Flooring Install and Servicing Companies?

Hallmark is here to stay.
Since 1979

We have been in business since 1979. One of the longest standing local carpet and flooring supply and servicing business in the White Rock and South Surrey Community.

What Our Clients Say:

We have clients coming back twice, three times to replace their flooring.

Or every time they sold and purchased a new home.

We ensure an ongoing relationship, so we are your go-to every time you need a flooring replacement. Contemplating on a new carpet or flooring or even a custom rug?

Book a consultation today: over the phone, at the store, or even at your home.

Complimentary Design and Color Consultation
The Big Box Retailers' confusing pricing strategies, hidden costs, and extra fees can overcharge


Myth 1: Do Big Box Retailers have better pricing?
Hallmark Flooring’s pricing is always competitive because we don’t have the overhead of the big box stores.
Hallmark’s carpet replacement is All-In-One pricing.
What does it mean?

It means we include installation, labor, and we provide warranties on our craft.

Have you ever been asked, “would you like an extended warranty” at checkout and have a small fortune added to your invoice?

Yeah, we don’t like it either, and we are open and upfront with you regarding pricing.

You only pay for what you see on the quote, and no extra surprises.

We include everything: in-home colour assessment, service, moving furniture, floor removal, installation, delivery, disposal and warranties.

Hallmark’s carpet pricing is truly all-inclusive
Complimentary Design and Color Consultation
Myth 2: Are Big Box Retailers more professional?
At Hallmark, our staff are trained flooring specialists. We spend the time and pay attention to consult each of our clients to guide them through replacing their carpets and/or flooring.

Our knowledge is not just based on an internet search, but also on working with North American and European designers and manufacturers.
Hallmark only hires and trains flooring specialists with at least
5 years of experience.
We ensure the workmanship is stellar 5-star for each of the homes we service.

We don’t hire a temporary tradesperson to “fill in” the job, and we treat each home with the highest respect and professional standard.

What does it mean for our clients?

It means hiring Hallmark to install provides a smooth installation and dramatic reduction in after-installation deficiencies.

Hallmark makes sure the job is done right the first go!
Myth 3: Why Big Box Retailers have On-Sale deals?

On sale deals can be for dead stocks or lesser quality products.

If you are set on a budget, we will work with you to find the best flooring replacement. You don’t always have to compromise, and replacing your flooring doesn’t always have to be expensive.

It is an investment for your home that increases its value.

We help you get it right the first time.

With Hallmark, You save on contractor and management fees!

Contractors and Big Box Stores hire laborer and charge a management fee to oversee the job. With Hallmark, you deal with us directly, and you don’t pay the extra markups. Cut out the middle person!

Is it the first time replacing the flooring for your home?

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Hallmark makes it simple for you.

We provide colour, design, and measurement support for each of our clients.

You’ll see, the process will be smooth for you.

With a Flooring Specialist
Myth 4: How Big Box Retailers carry the same style carpet and hard-surface flooring for less

To the untrained eye, a showroom of carpets and flooring products may look alike, but the material, quality, and durability are what define the product.

The last thing you want is to replace your floor with a cheaper product that won't last. Only to realize it is installed incorrectly, manufacturing defects, is not comfortable, and you have to look at that "thing" every day.

That's where the Hallmark All-in-One pricing comes in.
Things to consider when you compare flooring are:
  • Who is installing it
  • Where it's manufactured
  • Comfort
  • Soundproofing
  • Track resistant
  • Anti-slippery
  • Warranty (lifetime limited)
  • Guarantee (1 year labour)
Our flooring specialist can help you find the perfect carpet and hard surface flooring for your home.
With a Flooring Specialist
Myth 5 : Are Floors only slippery when wet

Can you slip and fall on dry floors?
Yes, you can.
You want stylish and comfortable carpets and flooring for your home.

But have you considered the safety of yourself or your loved ones?

Often untrained flooring companies overlook the need for slip-resistant flooring and flooring that absorb and reduce fall impact.

Hallmark ensures the proper flooring is installed in all parts of your home for added safety.

If someone were to fall, it’s even more important that it’s a softer surface to reduce impact.

Or high traffic area such as stairs where it may be prone to slip and falls.
For our aging clients, having a slip-resistant and impact-reducing flooring is essential for a healthy and mobility lifestyle.
Complimentary Design and Color Consultation
Myth 6: Are Big Box Companies easier to get a hold of?

While Big Box Stores have 24/7 contact center support, longer store opening hours, and friendly and eager-to-help staff, you still have to wait hours and days to find the help you need.

You go through a call center or automated answering machines for hours, only to get

“Sorry we cannot help you, please call our other departments.”

Hallmark is located in White Rock, British Columbia. We don't have a complicated call center procedures.

We are here to help immediately.
Sometimes, slight adjustments are needed after an installation, and we will come out right away to fix it. You don’t need to go through hoops and wait weeks only to have the next call center agent misunderstood your request and send you off to a different appointment.
We just come right over and get the job done.